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4 Reasons To Soft Wash Your Home's Roof

4 reasons to soft wash your homes roof

While getting your roof cleaned might not be something that regularly crosses your mind, it is an absolutely essential part of homeownership and, if necessary, to keep your roof in good shape and preserve the value and integrity of your home. That being said, just hopping up there with a bucket of soap and water - or a rented pressure washer isn't the way to get the job done right - and can actually wind up causing more damage to your roof in the cleaning process. When cleaning your roof, it is important to make sure you are using safe and effective methods that will give you the clean you need without damaging your roof in the process, which is why soft washing has become the preferred method of roof cleaning across the country. To help highlight the importance of having the soft washing method of roof cleaning used for your home, our team of skilled Marion pressure washing experts has taken the time to put this short list together containing several of the most important reasons why.

No Touch Washing

Before soft washing and pressure washing became the go-to standards of roof cleaning, many homeowners had to scrub their home exteriors by hand or hire a professional with the right specialized equipment to do so for them. This usually required heavy scrubbing from brushes and other abrasive materials to clean away the dirt and grime. While this was somewhat effective on specific materials, it also tended to leave scratches, abrasions, and discolorations on the exterior of your home. With soft washing, however, you get a non-pressure cleaning method that will remove dirt, stains, and other contaminants, all without the need for scrubbing, leaving the surface of your roof damage-free.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Soft washing utilizes specially formulated cleaning solutions that are designed to give your roof a thorough cleaning without posing a threat to your home's surrounding plant or animal life and won't leave you with a harsh chemical residue after the fact. When stronger chemicals or solvents are required in order to complete your job, our soft washing professionals make sure to use eco-friendly chemicals that won't pose a threat to you, your family, or your pets, and can be safely absorbed into the ground after the cleaning is finished.

Adjustable Water Pressure

Although it might seem like the surface materials on your home's roof are indestructible at times, you might find that it's quite the opposite at times. Often, the surface materials of your home's roof can suffer a great deal of damage from either heavy scrubbing or high-pressure blasts of water. Soft washing gives you a great deal of flexibility in this regard, as it allows you to adjust the pressure of the water being used on your roof, giving you just enough to get the job done without running the risk of inflicting damage in the process.

Long-Term Protection

Over time, your roof is going to collect its fair share of dirt, grime, and other potentially harmful contaminants, and if these are allowed to sit on your roof for any length of time, they can actually start to eat away at the surface of your roofing materials. By having a team of professionals come out and give your home a professional soft washing, you can safely eliminate these contaminants at their source, helping your roof to maintain its overall structural integrity, as well as helping to keep it looking its best.

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